Inspiring use of Pink Color in UI Designs

Black, white and grey are too common, red and blue are too bright, and the light pink is just enough to stand out of the crowd. Light pink, pink purple are just about as elegant as any other color used in trending UI Design concepts. Here are 12 examples of Inspiring use if pink color in UI Design:

Hello Socks Website Homepage Design by Kultar Singh

UIUX for KeyJet by Qream

Icecream Landing page by Ahmed Hassan

Rosseta-Makeup Landing Page by Amelia Dita Handayani

Sakura Website by Arthur K

Jam Main page concept by Anastasia

Sign up page ui by VISHNUDAS

E-commerce UI-RthythmLove by Vlada Peatkovskaia

Happy valentine’s day Sign in form by Elizaveta Rypakova

Love My Airs by Pavel Diaz

Website for Nail studio in Hamburg-Pretty Nails by Anna

Generative Animation in Figma on Skillshare by Tim Poorboy
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