Sketch for UI Design Review – Details, Pricing, & Features

Do the new features and tools added to Sketch 2021 warrant the monthly price tag?

Sketch recently released a bunch of powerfully upgraded features to Sketch 2020 in an effort to blend the gap between Figma and Sketch.

Although there are plenty of new additions and refreshes that bulk sketch’s already stacked library of features and tools, is it enough to make that subscription cost worth it? Or is your money better spent on Figma or other tools? Read on to find out.

Our Verdict

The most exciting part of this Photoshop update is the new Object Selection Tool. Adobe is putting Sensei to good use here and this can drastically cut edit times for photographers and artists alike. Some features, however, feel a little superfluous.

Sketch is great because:

  • Nested Symbols
  • Basic Prototyping
  • Community support and Plugins

Sketch sucks because:

  • Lack of frequent innovation
  • Performance dips with large files
  • Buggy

A look into Sketch

While sketch took the UI UX design community by storm when it first came out back in 2010 for Mac, it has seen it’s fair share of competitors. Figma and Adobe Xd have often taken the spotlight away from Sketch.

That being said, let’s dive into the features of Sketch.

Notable Sketch Features

Sketch Pricing

Sketch costs $99 per year and the only $9 per contributor per month.

Total Score
  • Cost
    90/100 Amazing
    Sketch costs to get started however team plans are cheaper than Figma.
  • Handling large files
    10/100 Awfully
    Sketch performance dips when using large files or over 30~40 screens.
  • Offline Use
    100/100 The best
    Sketch works perfectly when using offline.
  • Vector Editing
    100/100 The best
    Great pen tool and full control over vector files and assets.
  • Collaboration
    50/100 Neutral
    Collaboration is limited and is accessed through sketch cloud.
  • Comments & Feedback
    50/100 Neutral
    Only though cloud. No live commenting is available.
  • Developer Hand-off
    90/100 Amazing
    With Zeplin integration, you can unlock full potential of Sketch while handing off designs to developers.
  • Prototyping
    60/100 Normal
    Only basic prototyping functions are available.

The good

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Lots of good tutorials available.
  • Creating reusable global components for web designs.
  • It has great plugins and integrations created by the community.
  • Sketch is fast in graphic rendering and it offers an infinite amount of space allowing an unlimited number of artboards to be created.
  • Editing and Creating Vector graphics.
  • Sketch allows you to quickly create mockups, especially when you have a design system in place.
  • Sketch is great for wireframes because it's so fast and easy to create shapes.
  • Organizes assets for delivery.
  • Easy to use for anyone familiar with any other design tool.
  • Simple and neat interface. Not much visual clutter.
  • Multiple Screen Layout
  • Simple prototyping to mimic user flows.
  • Assets within a project "snap" to proportion and match with other assets, maintaining alignment and space in projects to help create well-designed projects, no matter what you are working on.
  • All the tools are laid out very nicely and clearly. There are minimal questions as to how to do very basic and sometimes more complicated functions.
  • Automatic saving and cloud saving is a plus.
  • The design of the software is visually very intuitive. The layers panel is well organized and easy to manage.

The bad

  • Being made for Mac only is extremely limiting.
  • Working on their design system is a pretty poor experience compared to alternatives.
  • Sketch hasn't innovated in a while. They used to be a leader here, but have slowed down and are now playing catch-up to other design programs.
  • Color management can be finicky. For instance, the eyedropper tool sometimes isn’t very precise.
  • It would be helpful if there was a built-in commenting system that included tagging where designers and developers could have real-time collaborative conversations about designs.
  • Sketch is only available to Mac users. This is fine internally, but an issue when working with external folks.
  • Prototyping is pretty basic.
  • Performance suffers while handling large file sizes.
  • Lack of Version Control
  • Doesn't offer a collaborative way of working
  • Photo-editing is minimal
  • Quick saves - sometimes quick saves don't work, and the progress for last few minutes is lost.
  • Layers choices - Choosing layers among nested layers becomes complicated if you have not kept this in mind from the start.
  • It's not great for transferring design assets quickly like it is with Adobe products.
  • Buggy
  • $99 dollars a year for the Sketch license
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